I recently just got back from Bhutan and absolutely love the country, the people, nature, culture…I don’t think words can explain how magical Bhutan is. It was a truly humbling experience to be there for a week, to attend the Punakha Festival and hiking to Taktsang Monastery, to create again with my camera and finally put all the photos on my brand new Bhutan travel book. I’ve always wanted to publish my own travel book/zines, to simply put my work out there. I thought the most important thing just try, despite it works or not, just try and put it out there. I dedicate this book to all dear friends, family and mostly Bhutan. All the profit will go to help people in Bhutan, so if you’re interested to buy you can get it from Blurb for softcover and Amazon for hardcover version. I woke up this morning to bunch of sweet messages, love and supports from my loved ones, part of me still can’t believe the book now is on Amazon. This is just the beginning, I can’t wait to explore more, create bigger and hopefully I can help or inspire people out there…even if it’s just one person.


Blurb for softcover:

Amazon for hardcover: