Granada, Spain

This time last year I was in South Africa celebrating my 29th birthday with my loved ones. I still remember waking up super early for a week to chase sunrise and bunch of hyenas playing next to their nest, or a pride of lions hunting their breakfast. Something I could only watch on television when I was a kid, but on my 29th birthday life brought me to South Africa not only to witness the wildlife, but also to visit my Disney family in Durban, to climb Table Mountain, to explore beautiful Cape Town, to dream bigger, to fall in love and finally to celebrate life. While South Africa remains to be one of the most special, beautiful countries I’ve been incredibly lucky to visit, I am grateful for life continuously taking me to more than 60 cities in the past 12 months. Life shows me there’s magic, inspiration, new people and lessons in every place. We are exactly where we’re supposed to be in life. If only you trust life, just wait and see how life slowly unfold its miracles in the most unexpected, strangely beautiful you never thought or never seen before.

Through my journey, I learned that miracles don’t always happen in huge moments. It can be as simple as when you breathe in and you feel your heart beating just fine. The heart that has been through so many things, from disappointments, heartbreaks, etc but still beating just perfectly fine, while at this very moment some people out there currently fighting their last breath. Miracles, for me, can be the moment you run into someone who change your life for the better. Who open up the doors, guide you to better place. I believe people in your life come for a reason, a season or a lifetime. I also believe we attract like-minded people. The kind of people who think, act, have the same point of view. Maybe this person wouldn’t be around in your life forever, but for sure he/she has a mission. And sometimes it takes less than two minutes to click. You just know right away the moment you open up a conversation, there’s something special, something you can learn about this person. And that’s how I ran into my dear friend David in Berlin. We clicked so effortlessly easy when we had this conversation about life, fashion, travel, the way we live our lives and so many other things. David reminded me that it’s totally ok to live a life that others don’t understand. Also we both can’t stress enough how it’s important to reinvent yourself over and over again. Especially when you find yourself craving for new challenges but there’s no room to grow, remember to always choose grow than comfort. It’s amazing how you can find a bit of yourself, the answers you’re looking for and so many things in common with a person you just met. In the end of our Berlin adventure, David recommended me to visit Granada. Since I told him I was on my way to Seville, David suggested me to spend couple of days in Granada. He knew I would love that place. And oh boy, what a good decision it was to visit Granada.

A mixture of Arabic and Spanish culture. Modern and classic. When in Granada, of course it’s a must to visit Alhambra.  It is highly recommended to purchase the tickets in advance through their website and arrive earlier before your designated time to visit Nazarier Palace. The palace truly rich of history and beautiful details. As you walk around the garden, you’ll see whitewashed buildings, layers of mountains. Granada has this kind of magic you can’t quite experience anywhere else in the world.

Looking for best and cheap tapas in town? Head to Bodega Castaneda. Nothing makes me happier than a good plate of jamon, paella, Spanish omelette, peppers and a huge glass of Sangria for EUR 6-8 total.

What about good café that serves dessert and amazing view of Granada? Head to Abaco Te. I love to sit at their tiny balcony at the third floor while sipping my iced rooibos-tea and chocolate pancake just before the sunset.

I love the more I travel around Spain, the more I get to see how different one place to another. From Mallorca, to Barcelona, to Madrid, to Valencia, to Seville then Granada. Honestly, can we ever get enough of Spain?