Eze, France

Hello my loves…Greetings from sunny Singapore! Sooooo happy to be back home with my loved ones. Revisiting some of my favourite places in town while wearing shorts and sandals again after few months bundled up. It’s pretty amazing what 6 months can do to your life. So many things happened; the amount of people that have left my life, entered and stayed. The memories I’ve collected from different cities. The lessons. Changes. Some people still the same, some have changed. And speaking about growth, I can’t believe how much I’ve grown as a person since I left. Like going through a metamorphosis, I’m no longer the same person as I was before ( still crazy, but different :) ) When traveling is more than just sightseeing, more than just visiting one place to another or those pictures you see on Instagram. You’ve left your heart in so many places, you always crave for more adventures and hungry for life but no matter how far you go…nothing’s like going back home to some truly special people who simply love you just the way you are. Also what a coincidence, this time 3 years ago I moved to Singapore with a luggage full of dreams. I didn’t know anyone, had zero expectation but I knew I’m gonna do cool things that matter. And so life gave me huge opportunities, music, sunny days, home, comfort, the right people AND FAMILY.

In the mean time, here are some pictures I took from Eze, France. The best thing about learning French in Provence Cote d’Azur, you can always take train and explore different towns. Remember the scene in Disney’s Beauty and The Beast where Belle takes a walk around her village? Yes, we’re talking about the romantic, picturesque old town with cobblestone streets, art galleries and little shops. Well, Eze Village located between Nice and Menton looks a lot like a mini Disneyland with a perfect blend of fairytale storybook and rich French culture. If you always dreamed of a simple life in French Riviera ( good wine, good food, good life ) then Eze is the place to be. The beach and mountains are only few minutes away from the village. So either you want to soak up the sun, go hiking, or even just visiting other towns in French Riviera you know you just have to go down to the train station or rent a car. You can also visit Jardin Exotique - a beautiful garden at the top of Eze Village, few perfumeries and art galleries. Honestly so glad I made it to Eze on my very last day in Nice, a perfect way to end my adventure in Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur.